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Okay, so, Website Copywriting… 

First, let’s compare your website to a sports car…

It’s new, it’s shiny, it’s pretty to look at – très sexy.

But then you look inside and right, where the engine should be, is…nothing!

And that’s precisely what your website is like without any copy, it’s nice to look at but it will get you nowhere.

Words are the engine and all the moving parts that get your website to where you want it and the roar of your exhaust that gets you noticed!

And of course, it’s got to be the right words, the right tool for the job. If we stuck the engine of a Morris Minor in your brand-new Lamborghini, we would notice something wrong straight away!

Getting the mileage from this metaphor – just like a car, your website needs constant maintenance, servicing, and often, a thorough cleaning.

It’s a full-time job keeping the Matrix in check and it’s a sad fact of life that websites can quickly become stale if they are left to rust.

It’s important to regularly upgrade and update your online presence. With fresh content, your company can stay relevant and reach new customers, whilst maintaining your brand’s identity and mission.

This is where I come in. A good copywriter knows exactly what to say and how to say it and just as important – what to leave out.

Let’s remind ourselves who your website is for – your customers. And what do they want to know? They want to see if you can provide them with what they need. Plain and simple.

Your experience is great and it’s good to know that you’ve done this before but ultimately, it’s unnecessary. We don’t need to read lengthy pages about how long you’ve been at this or how many units you’ve sold. Just show your customers that you know what THEY need and then offer it to them, straight away!

They will quickly realise how experienced you are by how you communicate with them.

I can help you do just that. With quality, concise website copywriting that tells your customers exactly what they need to know.

All killer, no filler.

Get in touch and let’s book your website in for a service.